transfer printing customized heat transfer printing

transfer printing customized heat transfer printing for garment and textile

  • Transfer printing could widely used on kinds of fabrics, cotton, polyester…

    Marvelex use the special, transferable vinyl/PU material to print your special designs onto the garment or team kits.

    The color of your design is optional.

    Marvelex transfer printing is professional, full service.

transfer printing for garment and textile

  • Application: used for textile , promotional t-shirts, bags, toys, uniforms,  garments, apparels etc.
  • Material:PET 
  • Color: full color prints, any color is available
  • Time: 5-7 days for production
  • Use Method:1. put your fabric on the heat press, turn on the heat press at 120-130C degree
                                  2. put the transfer stickers on the desired position of the fabric,
                                  3.make the heat press work in 6-8s, peel off the carrier in hot/cold
  • Tips:Please make the press to your blank fabric a second to make it more flat, do some test on the temp or times on your heat press to get the best results.