advertising banners-light pole banners -outdoor hot sale sunbrella avenue banners

advertising banners/light pole banners /outdoor hot sale sunbrella avenue banners

  • Advertising banners,light pole banners,outdoor avenue banners are among the best advertising tools to grab attention wherever they are displayed, and the avenue/street pole banners add a festive and colorful touch to any location and announce your message to the world. Avenue/street pole banners provide an eye-catching, colorful design that provides a great appearance, making them a perfect choice for beautification projects. Street pole banner remain popular for their visibility.


Marvelex’s advertising banners / light pole banners have such features:

  1. Installed on two pieces of cast aluminum base with removable fiberglass arms.
  2. Best insurance against wind for banners and pole/damage.
  3. Easy mounting with standard tools reinforced sewing finishing with double stitching and nylon thread for outdoor use.
  4. Fastest banner change of any bracket
  5. Absolute minimum maintenance,100% acrylic fabric with 5 years guaranteed dyeing colors. Fade-proof ink is used for outdoor display
  6. 3-5 years warranty for all parts.
  7. The avenue/street pole banners can be printed on both sides of the dark fabrics, making single ply banners. To prevent “see through”, light color fabrics must make to two ply with shade cloth.

Products Description:

  • Commodity: Fast Delivery Advertising Banners, Custom Fabric Banner Print, Advertising Display, Sign, Promotion Ad. 
  • Material: 750g combined polyester, 100% acrylic fabric, nylon, canvas
  • Size: Customized, max 45 inches width, 95 inches length
  • Process: Digital printing, Dye Sublimation, screen printing
  • Resolution: Up to 1440dpi with digital print, solid color with screen printing
  • Color: CMYK
  • MOQ: As customer’s requirement
  • Delivery time: 3-5days with digital print, 7-10 days with screen printing
  • Capability: 10,00 square meters daily output
  • Payment: Paypal, T/T or Bank Transfer
  • Packing: Roll or fold in carton
  • Price: Competitive factory price, big discount allowed on large squares


Details of the acrylic fabric:
Water Column:                                               >300mm

Color fastness:                                                7-8

Classification UPF:                                        50+

Oil Repellency:                                                ≥5

Water Repellency:                                         ≥5

Tensile Strength Warp:         140daN/5cm±5%

Tensile Strength Weft:            70daN/5cm±5%

Tear Strength Warp:               5daN±10%

Tear Strength Weft:               5daN±10%

water resistant, anti-stain, rot-proof